Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cards, cards, and more cards...

The 6th graders have been helping to make dozens of cards which the school will eventually sell in their new gift shop. St. Luke's Primary School has a nice museum which attracts tourists during the tourist season and we will be marketing our arts and crafts and other goods to the tourists when they visit the museum to raise much needed funds for the school. The gift shop is just about finished and will be opening soon !

We used a variety of techniques to create the cards---here designs are stamped on painted paper. I made some "rubber stamps" using plastic bottle caps and sheets of craft foam with adhesive on one side (sent to me by my daughter--bless her heart). The kids really liked playing with the stamps, and made some very pretty cards....
This card was created by first painting some colorful paper, then weaving solid colored strips into the painted paper.
You can see the variety of cards the students created here...all unique and colorful!
This card was made by rubbing colored chalk around a cut out shape of cardstock. I sealed the chalk rubbings with hairspray since I couldn't find any spray fixative here--the hairspray worked just as good as the expensive fixative. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

Another painted and stamped card...all and all we now have around 300 cards to sell.  Each one is also stamped on the back with this nifty stamp the school had made.....

All are the work of about thirty industrious 6th grade boys and girls!

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