Sunday, October 5, 2014

Birds and Fish

At St. Luke's Primary School the past few weeks--in grades kinder through 3,  I have been doing some guided drawings. First,  I led the 1st graders through a guided drawing of simple birds, then I just let them paint them with the liquid watercolors. I only cautioned them to wash out their brush before changing to a new color. We drew the birds with black oil pastels so the outlines resist the water colors. They did great !
I always love how each drawing/painting is so different!

 And with the 3rd graders I did the same with tropical fish--we used an oil pastel resist, then painted blue watercolors over the guided drawings. The oil pastel resist makes the fish pop out--the kids just love that! Again each fish is so different...

This little guy reminded me of "Finding Nemo"....
And here is where the magic all happens...the entrance to my art classroom!

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