Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wonderful St Lucia !

After 2 days of journey and one day of Peace Corps orientation in Miami, I am now safely ensconced on the Island of St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean with 24 other Peace Corps trainees. Ah! lovely hot humid lush green St. Lucia!! I wish I could post some pics but I (darn it anyway!!!) left my camera @ my daughter's in no photos till I can get it sent to me--argh! at least ones by me---the other trainees will share with me ;-) so I will be able to post a few.

Today we have a Sunday off from training, so a group of us are heading to the beach nearby for a swim. We are all staying--rather dorm style--in group housing for the first week. Then we move to another community on the island and all go to stay with host families while we continue training. We will be on St. Lucia for another 4 weeks, then split up to go to various islands to live with hosts families there and continue training. We have small groups going to Grenada, St. Vincent, Dominica, and one groups stays here on St. Lucia. I am ultimately going to Dominica Island with 5 other Peace Corps volunteers.

Yesterday we had some training around health issues here in the Carribean and then we all got some immunizations. I am now immunized for hep A & B, and the flu--next week we get typhoid shots then that is all over. I am very impressed by the health care available to us here---much better than the factory-like Group Health I had in Seattle!

this is the view from our  front porch with the town in background (photo by fellow PC trainee Abby--thanks Abby!)

Island impressions: I am sitting in a nice breezy doorway while the humidity and heat swirls around me, listening to the jungle trees whisper in the wind and a rooster crowing in the distance.....the sky is moody overcast clouds ---and it feel like it might rain. (I got soaked in a rain shower yesterday and was dry again in about 1/2 hour ;-) I gecko lazily crawls up the stucco wall and a small wren-like bird flies around in inside.... just another lazy day on St. Lucia.....


  1. GREAT! Thanks for posting, I now have you on my blogroll so can readily stay plugged in to your wonderful awesome adventure! Thanks,too, for the photo, I can almost feel ...WARMTH! Stay well! Thanks for your blog!

  2. It's great to read your impressions. What a different environment, and I love to hear about it. Thank you!

  3. Ditto Twig, Glad you have made it safely and I love reading your first impressions. Keep writing -- now I want second, third, etc!

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