Thursday, January 31, 2013

During our PC training session this morning our small group had to write a haiku poem pertaining to international development theory----and one fellow PC trainee wrote this:

Each person works hard
improving outcomes for all
helping, holding, hope.

Her haiku resonated with me in terms of what we will be doing once we are finished with training, so I am sharing it here. So far our training has been very informative and interesting, with enough inter-active exercises to keep it pretty lively.

Yesterday we all took a bus to the local PC office--the headquarters for Peace Corps in the Eastern Caribbean--we toured the offices--then took a bus (in small groups) to Castries--the island capitol city (pop 10,634) and explored and shopped as we completed the scavenger hunt they assigned to us...this was interesting and fun. The highlights for me was a bookstore!!!!! and the library and the gorgeous Cathedral in the center of town. 

We learned that in 1948 a fire wiped out most of Castries except the lovely Carnegie library building and the Cathedral. We finished up with yummy ice cream from a local ice cream outdoor shop--a nice treat in the hot and humid climate.

Carnegie Library in Castries

Oh! also saw a "sewing store" right by the PC office---and they had crochet cotton and yarn!!!! too bad they were not could not see how much the yarn cost...will have to go back..;-) I bought a nice straw hat for sun protection at the market and citronella "petroleum jelly" at a drugstore. Citronella petroleum jelly is now my new perfume....since the locals say it will help keep all bugs off.

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