Thursday, April 11, 2013

Settling In on Dominica...

nothing like fresh coconut water at the market!!!
So--I took a break from blogging here--first I was a bit overwhelmed with the move, the climate adjustment, and the PC training everyday all day, then I didn't have good wifi access the first month I was on Dominica Island.

But now training is over, I am have moved into a nice one bedroom apt here on Dominica Island, been sworn in as a bonafide US Peace Corps Volunteer and started volunteering at my "assignment"--the St. Lukes Primary School here in Pointe Michel. I'm just going to post some pictures from our PC Swearing In Ceremony, and some views of one area of Pointe Michel that I took the first month while I was living with my host family. Enjoy!!! much more to do check back!

afterwards! all smiles...

I'm there! behind Rebecca...

just want to be out in that skiff...
cooking outside on the "hotpot"

these ferns remind me of SE Alaska rain forest ferns...
the garden at my host's house...

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  1. Quite a change from SE Alaska! I've seen your posts on FB when I occasionally look there. Congratulations on being bonofide and hope you enjoy your new assignment.

  2. Congratulations! Looks like a great place to be. :D

  3. Hi Mom! As a class we checked your blog and observed that it was really pretty there.
    Some of my students made these comments:
    So jealous of the warm weather and all the water.
    It's so bright.
    I bet it's hot there.
    Flowers are really pretty.
    Looking forward to the next post here.