Saturday, February 16, 2013

That pesky missing Camera...

So as I said earlier --I went off and left my Camera @ home...however,  that  pesky camera which I left in the US--is now on its way to here BUT I have discovered that I rather enjoy being camera free and not thinking about taking any photos. This has allowed me to just absorb everything here in the Eastern Caribbean in a good way...without being distracted by photo taking or even thinking, "Oh, that would make a good photo"--instead, I am just being here---intent on exploring and learning about this new world I am in and not intent on recording it all...

That said, I am now sharing with you photos of St Lucia  which my fellow PC trainees have taken--so you all can get a glimpse of what it is like here...

one view from the top of the hill

one view of the road up the hill toward Plateau...
and more later in another post since I now have to get ready for our collaborative PC "culture night" event...


  1. You can always take pictures with your iPad...

  2. Hello from LEAP!
    Are you having fun?---Filmon
    Love all your photos! ---ReAnn and Loretta
    Some of us wish we could be there with you for the warm weather and the beach.---Page and Emanuel
    Can you post some pictures of the local cuisine---Filmon
    I envy you, wish I was there because it looks like a lot of fun.---Amber
    Are you having a terrific blast?---Tiana
    How did your transition to the Island affect you?---Monique
    As you can see I am using your blog as a means for teaching my students about Carribean life and the use of technology in the medium of blogging. Looking forward to more blog posts mom! love you. Kes