Monday, February 2, 2015

Carnival Time Again!

Carnival masks!!!! but before the ties are holding them up...

And we are making carnival masks ! to see the carnival masks we made last year go HERE. Last year's masks were created entirely of paper--this year we are using colored feathers and large amounts of glitter. Wow! I think all children love glitter---and my student's at St. Luke's Primary are no exception.

A kindergartener (or Grade K, as they call them here on Dominica) boy sprinkles glitter on his mask. For this age, I started with a paper plate for the base--which I cut to shape and cut eye holes in. The children first colored the white paper plate with markers, then glued the feathers on. I spread white glue on and they spinkled giltter...

                 the next step is to add ties, which must wait until the glue dries...

For the 3rd - 6th graders, I created a mask template which they traced onto nice astrobright paper, then cut the mask base out. Then they glued colored feathers around the top edge, and then sequins (more bling!) around the eyes---and at the end adding glitter.

       They were all very pleased with how these quick simple masks looked when finished!

                          Carefully sprinkling gold glitter.......
and wow!!!!

 the art classroom is now filled with carnival masks as the glue dries---masks are everywhere!

And at St Luke's Primary we were blessed to have a young girl compete for  the honor of being designated 2015 Carnival Princess---and she won! she worked very hard to perfect her speech, dancing & martial arts talent display and other requiredments, and all the practice paid off! Congrats!

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